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Notarization for Letters, Affidavits & Certificates

Travel Consent Letters

When minor children travel with either just one parent or travel without either parents, a written authority is required from the parents to authorize the children to travel and cross any borders. For without such written authorization from the parents or guardian, the child may be refused entry at the border into another country – that would prove devastating for the child. It is strongly recommended that these consent letters be notarized. Visit the Government of Canada website to obtain a form of consent letter. You may modify this consent letter to suit your needs.

Statutory Declarations, Affidavits & Builder’s Liens

Often ICBC or other bodies may require various forms of Statutory Declaration to be sworn under oath before a notary. These documents have to be signed before a Notary, and the Notary needs to confirm the identity of the person and ascertain that the person signing the document clearly understands the contents of the documents. Signing under oath is equivalent to you appearing in a court of law to swear or affirm that what you are about to do is the whole truth and nothing else, but the truth. Any deviation from the truth constitutes perjury.

Many builders, during their course of construction or doing renovations for their clients, sometimes face the possibility of not getting paid. In this case the best assurance is to file a builder’s lien on the property within the required time period upon full or substantial completion of the job.

The office of Shemin R. Jamal can provide all of the above services on a timely basis.

Get Notarizations and/or Certified True Copies from Shemin Jamal, Notary

A notarized or certified copy is where the notary has to see the original documents, make copies, and then notarize them or certify them as “true copies of the original.” This service is often required when someone requires copies of your identity cards, or birth certificates or death certificates or education transcripts or any such legal documents to bring about your desired results.

Please be sure to call the office of Shemin R. Jamal in North Vancouver for an appointment when you require notary services.

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