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Wills, Power of Attorney & Other Personal Planning

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Why should you have a will?

  • You wish for your loved ones, the charities, and organizations that you cherish most to receive the benefit of your estate.
  • You want to save your loved ones the anguish and hassle of excessive and expensive legal costs of unravelling your estate which may take years to sort out.
  • You do not wish to leave your minor children in the hands of courts until they come up with a suitable guardian.
  • It is easy and inexpensive and less time consuming to have your will prepared than the alternative.

One should carefully plan their estate so that you eliminate:

  • Excessive income tax payment
  • Stress level for your loved ones and minor children
  • Conflict and feelings of hurt amongst loved ones
  • Life lasting barriers and rivalry amongst children and loved ones
  • Stress of making decisions for your funeral arrangements and who pays for it

A will allows:

  • Legal authorities to carry out your last wishes
  • Your loved ones receive the benefit of your estate in the manner you wished them to
  • Your minor children to be brought up by the guardians of your choice
  • The representative of your choice (the Executor) to have the authority to make decisions regarding, cleaning out your home, making funeral arrangements, collecting and safeguarding all your assets, disposing of your belongings, filing income tax returns with Canada Revenue Agency, and having the guardian of your choice to look after your minor children and the minor children’s financial welfare
  • Payment of all your just debts, including, notifying your creditors, paying credit card and other debts, dispose of your automobile
  • Sell of any real property that you may own and disburse the proceeds in accordance with your last wishes

Is It Difficult To Prepare a Will?

Compared to the alternative, this is a fairly simple process. It generally takes two to maybe three visits to our office. First visit would be to familiarize you with your needs and provide you with forms to complete – this could be done via telephone and/or email. Second visit would be for you to return the completed forms to our office at which time we would spend time with you to understand your last wishes. And the third meeting would be to prepare the final document for your approval and signatures.

Remember your loved ones may know what your wishes are, but without a written will the Court will not authorize them to carry out your wishes.

In the final analysis it is either a simple process of having a will prepared at a fraction of the cost or causing complications for your loved ones to try and wrestle with authorities every step of the way to get your estate safeguarded and distributed.

Contact Shemin R. Jamal’s office in North Vancouver so that we can be of assistance to you. You can download and complete our Last Will and Testament form so that we can properly advise you.

Representation Agreement

This is to do with your health care. A Representation Agreement allows you to carefully plan in advance your values and wishes and to let your loved ones know of your future health and personal care preferences in the event that you become incapable or are hospitalized with some serious cause.

Prior to preparing the Representation Agreement one should get in touch with one’s inner self and decide what it is you would prefer should such an occurrence happen.

Careful consideration should be given to the fact that should you become ill or unable to make sound medical decisions for yourself your Representation Agreement and the Advance Care Health Directive should speak for you.

The Representation Agreement allows you to appoint another person or persons to make those decisions on your behalf. Remember, this could be a tremendous responsibility for the person or persons you appoint as they may be making potential life-threatening decisions for you.

On the other hand, without a Representation Agreement, the medical community can consult persons connected to you to make such decisions. This could cause serious conflict among your loved ones who may not be able to agree on medical services provided to you.

Therefore, by having a proper Representation Agreement and the Advance Directive prepared ahead of time, you eliminate placing any unnecessary decision making burden on your loved ones and allows you to make these decisions and have your wishes made known to your loved ones in writing by way of having a Representation Agreement prepared while you are able to.

Like the Power of Attorney, the Representation Agreement is also valid during your life time and ceases upon death.

Contact Shemin R. Jamal to have your Representation Agreement and Advance Directive prepared to give you peace of mind should the time come. Please download and print our Representation Agreement form to fill out and bring to your appointment.

Power of Attorney

Why do you need a Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney allows you to entrust someone to take care of your day to day legal and financial affairs, such as paying your bills, talking with your financial advisors in the event of incapacity or absence on your behalf, or communicating with the Canada Revenue Agency should there be a need, and your attorney can also access your safety deposit box at your bank, if required.

Without a valid Power of Attorney, should you become ill or unable to handle your affairs, no one has any authority to act on your behalf. The Power of Attorney allows you that flexibility to have someone attend to your legal and/or financial matters. If you own any real estate, the real estate cannot be sold or mortgaged without a valid Power of Attorney.

Without a valid Power of Attorney, the only option your loved ones may have is to retain services to apply to the Supreme Court (at major costs to you) to obtain a Court Order appointing a “Committee” for your financial affairs.

What happens if you have no person in your life that you can entrust the responsibility of being your Attorney?

Without a valid Power of Attorney or if there is no person in your life who could take on this responsibility, a court application has to be made which could end up costing you an excessive amount of money and of course, not to mention, the delay of time in processing this court application. This could result in having, the Office of Public Guardian and Trustee or a financial institution, approved for acting in a role of your Trustee, to be appointed by the Supreme Court which may or may not be in your best interest.

Power of Attorney is only valid during your life time. It ceases upon death.

Call or email Shemin R. Jamal’s office to have your valid Power of Attorney prepared immediately. Please feel free to download and fill out our Power of Attorney instruction documents. There is one for individuals and couples.

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